FIFA has banned the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) due to third party interference in its work. It did not say how long the ban would last, but said it would be implemented on an emergency basis. As a result of this directive, Pakistan, or any club in their country, will not be able to participate in any international competition.

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The world football governing body has long warned the Pakistan Football Federation against third-party interference. However, it did not work. The situation worsened after a group of protesters occupied the PFF office. They also ignore the committee formed by FIFA.

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“Recently, control of the PFF headquarters has passed into the hands of protesters,” a statement from FIFA said. Earlier, Pakistan had been warned in a letter. For now, the ban will remain in place until the power is handed over to Harroon Malik, the head of FIFA’s appointed committee. However, this is not the first time that Pakistan has faced such a problem before. The ban was in force from October 2016 to March 2017.


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