East Bengal and Sree Cement’s contract debate takes a new turn. During the meeting of the East Bengal Working Committee on Thursday evening, the phone of the two mediators came to the tent. Officials were asked whether a final decision had been made on the draft sent by the investment firm on August 18. Hearing that the discussion was in the middle, the mediators requested to postpone the meeting of the working committee for one day. The red-and-yellow officials were offered to sit in talks on Friday afternoon to unravel the entanglement

East Bengal responded to this call. A meeting of the working committee has been called again at 7 pm on Friday. According to sources, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is dissatisfied with the last draft sent by the investment company. Because, Sree Cement Group is keen to curtail the rights of the member-supporters. It is rumored that he is the one who forbade the East Bengal authorities to sign the agreement.

On August 2, at the Netaji Indoor Stadium, the Chief Minister said, “The problems of the members and supporters have been solved. Now let the East Bengal rulers play a little. Then the problem will be solved. I want East Bengal to play in the ISL too. ‘

The investment firm is determined to retain full control of the tent. As a result, the Chief Minister is dissatisfied with them. It is to be noted that after checking the draft sent on August 16, the lawyers of the club also advised the officials not to sign. Red-and-yellow fans now look like birds at the meeting on Friday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Shivaji Samaddar, CEO of Sree Cement, said, “The contract with the footballers will be finalized only if a definitive agreement is signed.” So even if the first match of the Kolkata League is played on August 24, there is no question of registering the names of the players. ‘


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